There’s a lot riding on the choice of services for your event. You want a memorable event, and with music and lighting being so critical to the affair, imagine how a novice DJ or unprofessional service could spoil your big night. This is why we say “you have one chance to get it right.”

DJF200pxI’m DJ Fernando, and my team of professionals and I work hard to exceed expectations, time and time again. We’ve achieved a 5-star rating on WeddingWire with over 100 reviews. So what makes the DJ Fernando Entertainment Difference?

We bring experience, skill, attention to detail, stellar sound equipment, premium lighting and effects, and the drive to ensure your event is one of the most memorable times of your life.

Whether you decide to book our services or not, I would like to help you to have an understanding of DJ pricing and why the cost can vary from a few hundred dollars to perhaps $2,000 for a reception, for example.

Every couple has a budget. We respect that, and while we’ll always do our best to offer you affordable service, you should expect some significant differences between a low-budget entertainment option and the level of service and performance you can expect from us.

This information is not meant to discredit any other DJ, but to simply point out the real-life differences in equipment, capacity to meet the demands of your event, skill, professionalism, and performance.

Experience & Attention to Detail

Most DJs with rates in the $400-$800 range are new to the business and can’t yet command more standard fees. We have over 10 years of experience and it will show throughout the entire process — from helping you plan your timeline, to keeping your event on schedule with announcements, to offering the perfect combination of professionalism, fun, and personality.

We’ll maintain a perfect mix of music and tempo by reading your crowd no differently than a high-profile nightclub DJ. With a skilled DJ behind the music, your event will stand out as one of the best your guests have ever attended.

Our attention to detail, our effort to please, and our ability to put your mind at ease so that you can simply enjoy your special night are the traits that have earned us a reputation as one of the best DJ companies in Kansas City.

Expect the DJ You Book – No Substitutions

From the day you sign the contract to book our services, you will always know whether you are booking DJ Fernando, or another member of my team, and your DJ will be specifically written on the contract so you can have the peace of mind of knowing exactly who will be your DJ on your big day.

Sound Equipment & Performance

We use premium equipment, including real turntables.

We use premium equipment, including real turntables.

Every entrepreneur in our business remembers being a rookie DJ. At that stage of development, the newer DJ often can’t afford or justify premium sound equipment. At that level, the goal becomes to use the equipment one can afford, book events at lower rates, and work toward buying better equipment.

We’ve made a considerable investment in the highest quality equipment to ensure your event sparkles and shines, the fidelity is clean, and sound levels are as intense — or as delicate — as you desire.

We also have turntables, which make it possible to actually mix music during your reception. Not only will the music be crystal clear with our premium gear, but announcements will also be beautifully clean and clear, never muffled or distorted.


Uplighting and Gobo Monograms provide elegance and excitement.

Uplighting and Gobo Monograms provide elegance and excitement.

Many couples neglect their lighting and then realize the night of their event that their options are limited and the event lacks the intended glamour or excitement.

Meanwhile, premium DJ services provide lighting with tremendous impact for your event.

We’ve invested in highly advanced computer-controlled lighting, using upscale units that offer elegance or intensity far beyond consumer-grade lighting effects, for example.

Have a look at what one of our favorite lighting units can do:

Even More than Light and Sound

We also offer one of the most popular reception/event attractions available today — the high-tech Photo Booth. This feature is always popular with guests, allowing that old-school fun of filling the booth with friends and family to take silly pictures — but with super easy touch-screen control, excellent digital cameras, and beautiful printing in less than 10 seconds.


I hope these comparisons help clarify pricing differences and what you can expect from a low-budget DJ, versus what you can expect from the service level provided by DJ Fernando Entertainment.

Our reviews likely speak for themselves. Our pricing will never be the lowest, but you will find our rates very reasonable for the high standard of service and performance that our clients have praised us for over and over.

Your event is a considerable investment. We wish you the very best in achieving a stellar reception or event, and we’re here to help you.

— Fernando

Our 5 Star Rating

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