Bride Dancing

At any event with music, the song selections, the music’s tempo and the general ambiance must collectively fuel your party. The music has got to be awesome and just what you had in mind.

Top 40? Pop? Club hits? Classic rock? Elegant dance tracks? Oldies? We’ll have you covered with our massive music library.

DJ Fernando and his team will prepare carefully with you so that your preferences are understood. Together we will plan your event in much the same way that a professional Wedding Planner approaches the task.

We communicate thoroughly. We meet with you. We’re on time. You have our full attention.

Do we need to keep the party G-rated? Will do.

We tailor our song selection by reading your crowd and mixing only the right songs to keep the party going all night…while keeping it classy.  Because there is such a wide range of ages at most receptions, we usually open the dance floor with some great non-cheesy classic oldies, and as the night progresses we begin to change up the flow to something for your younger guests.  Also, we never play the Chicken Dance, Macarena, or Hokey Pokey unless specifically requested by the bride and groom. 

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