We offer Up-Lighting with color matched to your decor. With this technique we place professional-grade lighting units on the floor or ground, directed upward to project light off the wall or at a particular object. The effect is beautiful and elegant, but then adds a high-end party effect as the evening transitions from reception to full-on party mode.


Gobo Monogram Lighting

Transform your event to a high-class affair that will surely be talked about for months with Gobo Monogram Lighting.  Elegant monograms or messages are cast beautifully across large surfaces. The lighting is bright, sharp, with smooth edges. You will enjoy a highly customized appearance for your event.


Video Projection with Screen

Our 3500 lumens projector can display video or a slideshow directly onto a wall or the optional portable screen. This effect can be used differently at various stages throughout your event — perhaps a slideshow of the happy couple or corporate retiree during a reception, but then an exciting display of colored effects throughout the dancing.

Large Flat Panel Displays

A contemporary DJ provides visual entertainment as well as music, using his or her personality and visual tools to help even those who do not dance to “enjoy the show.” Our two 52-inch flat screen video panels offer visual options not unlike a high-profile club DJ experience. We can use the displays for your own content, and we can pump up the nighttime dancing with imagery to invoke a high-end party atmosphere to thrill your guests.

Photo booths are always a hit with guests! Learn More.